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a little help... onegai..

i am looking for the person who posted here HANA KIMI 1-3 english mangas for $14... if you still have them, pls. e-mail me... i'd love to get them. and also here's some of my wish list:

English Mangas:

Kill Me Kiss Me 1-2
DNAngel 4+
Kill Me Kiss Me 3+
Hana Kimi
Hot Gimmick 2+
Evil's Return 3+
Kare Kano 8+
Girl Got Game 1-3
Girl Got Game 4+
Vampire Game
Eerie Queerie 1-3 **pending
Pretear 3+
Princess Ai 2+
Lament Of The Lamb
Eternity 2+

Anime DVDs (R1 only)

Wedding Peach 2+
X TV Series (by Clamp) 5, 7
Magic Knight Rayearth Season 2
Ayashi No Ceres 5,7
Fushigi Yuugi

Anime Soundtrack (original cd only)

Cardcaptor Sakura Vocal Collection CD (4 discs)
His & Her Circumstances Vocal Collection
Best Of Inuyasha
Onegai Teacher: Seratula
Onegai Teacher: Stokesia
Please Teacher Image Album
Yu Yu Hakusho Best Selection Soundtrack
Gate Keepers Best Vocal Collection
Rurouni Kenshin Vocal Album (or whatever they call that as long as the cd is all vocal.. That’s good…)
Chobits Character Song Collection
Weiss Kreuz Best Album 337
Full Metal Panic
Slam Dunk Best Collection
Wedding Peach
Flame Of Recca
X TV Series
Niea Under 7
Love Hina
...and other soundtracks which have a lot of vocals in it! (i just love 'em!)

Empty Boxes for the ff: anime series:

Fruits Basket
X TV Series
His And Her Circumstances
Niea Under 7

...and anime artbooks (especially angel sanctuary), anime pins, keychains, zipper clipsets ,..etc!

if you have them cheap for sale or if you want to trade that'd be great! lmk!

Sale/Trade List

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