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LOTS of stuff for sale

Lots of stuff, for sale or trade

Prices DO NOT include shipping. If you feel like I've priced something too high, make me an offer. Most of this stuff, I just want to get rid of. Payment - I accept paypal, money orders or well-concealed cash (sent at your own risk). If you want a picture of something I didn't post a picture for just ask and I can get one.

Sailor Moon dub VHS tapes - $2 each
Only one of these tapes has ever been opened, the rest are still in their original wrap, but they might be a little beat up anyway. ^^;;

Sailor Moon S
Pure Hearts - S Vol 1 - contains TV eps Star Struck, Bad Luck, Crystal Clear Again, Driving Dangerously, Bad Harmony
The Love War - S Vol 2 - contains TV eps Swept Off Her Feet, Blinded By Love's Light, Lita Borrows Trouble
Labyrinth - S Vol 3 - contains TV eps Damp Spirits, Friendly Foes, Mixed Emotions (this is the one Sailor Moon tape that has been opened)
Back From the Future - S Vol 5 - contains TV eps Hello Sailor MiniMoon, Tainted Tea Party, People Who Need People
Secret Destiny - S Vol 6 - contains TV eps Related By Destiny, Art Appreciation, Everything's Coming Up Rosey

Sailor Moon SuperS
The Eclipse - SuperS Vol 1 - contains TV eps 1) Dreams Take Flight, 2) No Ordinary Horsepower, 3) Sweet Dreams
Diana's Secret - SuperS Vol 2 - contains TV eps 4) Baiting the Trap, 5) Perfect Couple, 6) Much Ado About Kitten

Cardcaptors dub VHS - $2
Only watched once, in good condition
Test of Courage - contains TV eps Sakura's Rival, Time and Again, The Cave

El Hazard dub VHS - $3 each
El Hazard - The Magnificent World Vol. 2
The Wanderers - El Hazard TV Vol. 3 (eps 7-10)
The Wanderers - El Hazard TV Vol. 4 (eps 11-14)

Neoranga season 1 VCDs - $5
The complete 1st season of Neoranga on VCD. There are no english subs. I can't remember for sure (it's been a long time since I looked at it) but it's either in raw Japanese or has Chinese subtitles. If anyone's interested, I can check.

Under the Glass Moon Vol 1 - $5
Read once, in good condition

Anime posters
All these are normal laminated anime posters. There may be a little tape residue on the corners of the posters, from being hung.

X - Dragons of Earth poster - picture - $4
X - Kamui poster - picture - $4
Utena movie poster - picture - $3
Gundam Wing poster - picture - $3

NOTE - the Utena and GW posters have a couple little tears at the bottom

Sailor Moon diary - picture - $3
Never been used, has a has a clasp and lock and comes with 2 keys

Harry Potter yaoi doujinshi - $8
The title is 44, and that's about all I know - picture of the cover
I can take a few pics of the inside pages if anyone's interested

The Princess Blade poster - picture - $3
A promo poster for the movie The Princess Blade. This is a really BIG poster - I measured it at approx. 27" x 39". But, the right side of the poster is a little beat-up, from the poster bag I was keeping it in (no room on my walls!).

Okay, now the Jrock stuff...

Schwarz Stein - Artificial Hallucination - $25
First press copy (comes in a slip case). This CD has never been opened and is still sealed in its original plastic.

Schwarz Stein Artificial Hallucination poster - picture - $10
Poster for Schwarz Stein's Artificial Hallucination album. NOTE - the picture is of my poster, the one I'm selling has never been hung up, and has been rolled up in a box pretty much since I got it.

Jun poster (from 2004 Pierrot calendar) - picture - $10
Poster has a hole in each bottom corner from tacks, and is a little rough across the top where I tore it off the calendar.

Takeo poster (from 2004 Pierrot calendar) - picture - $10
Same as above

Jrock magazine - picture - $6
Cover is Siam Shade, also features Shiina Ringo, Luna Sea and Cascade. Has been flipped through once, maybe (I ended up with 2 copies of it, so I never really looked at this one)

BLOOD - Live in USA VHS - $10
Watched once, in good condition. Comes with a little Kiwamu trading card thingie.

BLOOD sticker - $0.50

Please, buy my stuff. I want it GONE.
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