Krazy (_pianissimo_) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Hello! I'm selling stuff to pay off bills and help will holiday shopping. Up for grabs are manga and DVDs I had previously on hold for people but that never went through. I have some things put on Ebay that I will give links for. Everything else I have listed here is up for offers for a few days and if I receive none, will be put on Ebay shortly. Everything is adult owned, kept in a smoke free environment, and in great condition.

Links to photos and such for the 'up for offers' items are under lj-cut. Thanks for looking!


Fruits Basket/Furuba Manga Lot 1-4 Tokyopop

X/1999 Viz 1-14 Lot

Revolutionary Girl Utena 1-5 Manga Lot


Angel Sanctuary Vol 1 English

Sailor Moon Vol 1 English

Sailor Moon Vol 2 English

Sailor Moon Vol 3 English

Sailor Moon Vol 4 English

Sailor Moon Vol 5 English

Sailor Moon Vol 10 English

Sailor Moon Vol 11 English

Sailor Moon Super Vol 1

Sailor Moon Super Vol 2

Sailor Moon Super Vol 3

Sailor Moon Super Vol 4


Crest of the Stars Boxset R1

Full Metal Panic Vol 1-4 With ADV Collector Box R1

Haibane Renmei Vol 1 R1

Kimera R1

Kurogane Communications Complete Series Set R1

Sorcerer on the Rocks R1

Wild Arms 1-5 R1

And also I have the Lain R1 DVD boxset Vol 1-4 with the blue casing not the signature series edition. I didn't take a pic of it but it is also up for offers and I will take a pic by request.

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