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My Stuff for Sale

^^" Hi. I just barely found out about this place!! I need to sell stuff to fund my Christmas fund :3. I haven't been here before, but I have good feedback on eBay (here). I also have feedback on DoA (where I heard of this place) here.

-Chobits- Your Eyes Only Artbook 2003

Cosplay/Lolita Items
-Under Knee Black Lacey Socks

1/6 Dolls Clothes (Obitsu, Dollfie, Jenny, Momoko, etc)
-Lolita Bonnet - Black (1), Blue (1)
-Lolita Headdress - White (1), Pink (1)
-Bunny Girl Costume

-Love Hina Christmas Special
-Malice Mizer: merveilles - cinq parallele- $30

-Malice Mizer: merveilles $20

Keychains & Gashapon
-2" Hard Gay Keychain
-Tsubasa Chronicle Gashapon (Fai, Primera)
-Tsubasa Mini Kurogane Keychain

Chobits .....[vol.1, 2, 3] EN
Cowboy Bebop .....[vol.1, 2, 3] EN
Flame of Recca .....[vol.1] EN
Inuyasha .....[vol.3, 7, 8, 9, 10] EN
Miracle Girls .....[vol.1] EN
Love Hina .....[vol.1] EN
Pokemon .....[vol.1] EN
Ragnarok .....[vol.1] EN
Brilliant Magic .....[vol.3]
Detective Conan .....[vol.42, 43, 44] JP
Full Moon o Sagashite .....[vol.4] JP
Galaxy Angel .....[vol.2] JP
Janimuni GO .....[vol.15, 16] JP
NANA .....[vol.9] JP
One Piece .....[vol.30, 31] JP
Prince of Tennis .....[vol.20, 21] JP
Random Walk .....[vol.1, 3] JP

*More info, photos & prices are located on this page -> http://www.sweet-rapture.net/sale/

*Only items listed on this journal are available for sale.

*Prices of the Malice Mizer items as are I listed on this journal post, not what's written on that page.
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