BadWolfKaily (kinky_carter) wrote in garagesalejapan,

I'm looking to sell or trade, preferably trade some of my anime.


Chance Pop Session DVD Volumes 1-3 (Full Collection)English Dubbed1, 2, 3
Chrono Crusade DVD (Full Collection)English DubbedFront, Disc 1 & 2 out of 3 *Too big to scan the other one.*
AIR (Full Collection)Japanese, English Subs.AIR
DearS (Full Collection)Japanese, English Subs.DearS
BECK: Mongolian Chop Squad DVD's (Full Collection)Japanese, English Subs.Beck
(YURI) Kannaduki no Miko DVD (Full Collection)Japanese, English Subs.Kannaduki no Miko
(YAOI) Mirage of Blaze DVD's (Full Collection)Japanese, English Subs. *I believe this was bootleg I got it from and the casing says Mirage of Blade, not that great subs but it's understandable.* Contest Info
Kurogane Communications VHS Volumes 1-3 (Full Collection)English Dubbed Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3
Kite VHS(English Dubbed) Kite
Gunsmith Cats Episodes 1-3 DVD - Not original case)English Dubbed Gunsmith Cats
Queen Emeraldas DVD - Not original case)English Dubbed Queen Emeraldas
Maetel Legend DVD - Not original case)English Dubbed Maetel Legend
Pokemon: I Choose You! Pikachu! VHS Volume 1)English Dubbed Volume 1
Pokemon: Psychic Surprise VHS Volume 7)English Dubbed Volume 7
Pokemon: Fighting Tournament VHS Volume 10)English Dubbed Volume 10
Pokemon: The Great Race VHS Volume 11)English Dubbed Volume 11
Pokemon: The Johto Journey's VHS - Not Original Case)English Dubbed
Yu-Gi-Oh: Face Off VHS Volume 8)English Dubbed Yu-Gi-Oh: Face Off
Zoids: The Coliseum Battle VHS Volume 3)English Dubbed Zoids: The Coliseum Battle


InuYasha Volume 1
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Volume 1


The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring PS2 Picture
Darkstone PS1 Picture
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