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Cleaning House Jpop/Jrock Cd Style

Went through a lot of my cds and found a stack full I'd like to sell.
Also have tons more stuff posted over at mmc_sales
Also currently on ebay with just a few hours left:
Miyavi - Je vous souhaite un bon anniversaire photobook - Right now it's going for a steal, so please check it out.

I accept paypal, postal money order, and concealed cash. All items are priced including shipping within the US. Also please read through full post for special gift info.

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Brilliant Green - Sono Speed de $3
Glay - a Boy ~zutto wasurenai~ $3
Siam Shade - Kumori Nochi Hare $3
Siam Shade - 1/3 no Junjou na Kanjou $3
Puffy (Ami Yumi) - Asia no Junshin $3
Larc single sold
Glay - However $3

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Kohmi Hirose - Rhapsody $5
Kohmi Hirose - ?? $3
m-flo - Mirrorball Satellite 2012 $4
m-flo - How You Like Me Now? $3
m-flo loves crystal kay - reeewind!$3
Glay - Aitai Kimochi $3

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The Brilliant Green - Hello Another Way - $3
Ayumi Hamasaki & Keiko - a song is born - $3
Ayumi Hamasaki - Audience - $4
Maaya Sakamoto - Kazemochi Jet/Spica - $6
Dream - Sincerly -ever dream- $4
Dream - Movin' On - $4

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Tokio - Koi Ni Kizuita Yoru $3
Tokio - Minna De Wahhahha! $3
Tokio - Doitsu Mo Koitsu Mo $3
Tokio - Message $3
Isabelle - chain.1999 $10
Isabelle - Shibo Suitei Jikoku $6

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Ryuichi Kawamura - Julia $3
Ryuichi Kawamura - Cranberry Soda $8
Ryuichi Kawamura - ?? $3
kamikaze boyz sold
Hyde- evergreen - $3
Hyder - hello & the other side - $3

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The Mad Capsule Markets - Crash Pow $3
The Mad Capsule Markets - Good Girl $3
The Mad Capsule Markets - Fly High/sasori feat. dengeki network $3
The Mad Capsule Markets - pulse $3
Rouage - Hitomi wo Akete Miru Yume $3
Rouage - Mune ni Furu Ame, Mune ni Saku Hana. $3

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Rouage - Tsuki no Nagamekata $3
Rouage - Hada iro $3

Aliene Ma'Riage - Ma'ria w/full band autographed pic - $15 SOLD

and as promised a special gift.... for the first person to buy 4 or more cds who wants it, a promotional copy of Hyde's Faith. It is as I said a "promotional" cd. It is the full album, but does not contain the full booklet is all. It was given to me by some friends who ran an anime store, but I already had a copy, but I'd feel wrong trying to seel it when I got it for free.

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