KymbaKhan (ex_kymbakha) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Gravi Remix - 1 & 2 and 3+4+5, Yaoi on EBay

Greets all!
I really hate to do this but we're trying to do some really strange things before the new year, I'm letting some yaoi manga and DJ's go to help with finances.

On EBay now through Monday, 13 December, Remix Gravitation 1 & 2 {the second release by Crocodile Ave, combining v1 & v2 in a slipcover soft-back edition} in one auction, and Remix Gravitation 3+4+5 in another. It's weird to do this.. but.. *waves to pretty boys and insane mangaka* maybe I'll be able to buy them again at some point. They're at "buy it now" at list price for now, or you can bid - if you do bid let me know you're from the forum. ^_^

These are the 'behind the scenes' smut stories written by the author of the yaoi-but-not-expicit Gravitation series, Murakami Maki.

I've also got a couple Star Wars DJ's, also hard Yaoi, but haven't listed them yet, not sure if there's any interest any more in QuiGonxObiWan. "Dark Dream" is kinda ordinary, traditional, usual for a doujinshi, it's 5.5"x8.5", not terribly strange. Then I've got "The Door", which is an interesting and hardcore fanwork based on fanfic and published professionally in both japanese and english... kinda cool in that you can actually understand the story! Anyway, if anyone is interested in those send email or a message to my LJ addy.

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