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For those who are purchasing things from me:

I've received money for the Malice Mizer painting, anatomy figure (MAILED), and Gothic&Lolita bible.

I've still not received payment on:

Jrock singles collection (+Tokyo Mew Mew figurines)
JUNON mag (and GIGS mag?? You never clarified)

I leave next week for the Christmas break so if I don't get your pay by then, I can't mail to you til mid-January.

I don't know much about shipping costs so I kind of guessed the shipping prices. Yeah, that screwed me over. I don't profit from shipping and handling at all and I love giving people back their change from extra shipping costs. However, I learned my lesson that Fed Ex is very expensive. Something I ended up mailing out cost more for shipping than the money I got total from the buyer. I don't think it should have cost more than what I told the buyer but I'm a broke college student and I do not wish to shoot myself in the foot (especially before Christmas).

SO, if you do not get the amount of change back that equals to total shipping you gave - shipping costs, understand that there's a reason why. I have to shift some of the shipping costs around. Those who have way less shipping costs than I asked for will probably get more, but again, I don't want anyone to think I'm profitting from shipping costs simply because you didn't get 5-3 = 2 dollars back or anything.

All this trouble to meet my utilities bill =X

I don't have a car so I ask my boyfriend to drive me. If I get your payment on Monday, I might not mail til Friday because I only want to bug him to take me once a week or so. I'll mail out this Friday and next Friday. Anyone else, if I don't get your money or an email from you by then, I'm gonna assume you don't want the items anymore and I will put them back up for sale.


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