TokyoGetter (tokyogetter) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Post-Christmas sale.


So on Friday/Sat/Sun I am off to Comic Market 71. Today I began my battle plans, collecting maps, locations, and titles/circle names/pictures. My CD-rom catalog hasn't been working well so far, so tomorrow I have to consult with some friends to get that together. But I can auto-make checklists with it! Here's hoping I pull that off... or else I'll be running around using a PDA to a. listen to horrible music and b. look at pictures of odd books.

(Yes, you can still inquire about stuff!)

But enough said. Right now for the next two days I am offering 20% off any doujin at my store because I am going to need the space. SERIOUSLY. This offer will expire in 2 days at 12:00 my time.

So feel free to head on over to and have a blast.
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