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Desperate selling time!

I owe an auction service $500. >___> I srsly don't know how that happened. Thus it is time again for me to pull out all the stuff that I've been trying to sell/haven't gotten around to trying to sell and try to sell sell it.

Time Stranger Kyoko complete
Hitsuji no Namida 1


Mario Party 7 with mic

Please don't ask me to hold an item if you can't pay within a week. I will make exceptions, but not very often. I do not enjoy setting an item aside, expecting payment for weeks and finally being told "I don't want it anymore". Please don't subject me to this D:
Payment methods: Concealed US cash, checks (10-day clearing period), US-currency international or domestic POSTAL money orders, NON CREDIT CARD PayPal.

Shipping: I send everything by USPS. This means that the minimum shipping charge will be $4 (Priority mail, up to six CDs). If you live outside of the US, depending on method minimum shipping charge is from $5-9.

Authenticity, region, language, all that crap: All DVDs are R2. Everything is Japanese press. Absolutely no bootlegs or overseas press. All manga is in Japanese.
Conditions: Everything is in good condition unless otherwise noted. Buy with confidence; no one has ever complained about what I sent them. XD;


rice - Haruka, Kurogane singles. $8 for Haruka, $8 for Kurogane or both for $15 shipped within US.

Lareine - Setsurenka, Doukeshi no Bukyoku and Cinderella Fantasy singles. All are double (CD+DVD) releases; the DVDs contain the PVs for their respective single. $15 each.

Lareine - Majesty, Knight and Princess complete story series. All are in very good condition and are out of print. If you buy Princess, you get the Princess message CD-R from Third Stage that came with it(case on that isn't in such great condition). $18 each.

Dir en grey - Macabre. Well loved but still in good condition. The CD has a few scratches on it, but nothing that will impair playing. $20.

Dir en grey - Kisou. Again, well loved but in good condition. CD condition is the same as Macabre. Price is the same too, $20 :O

Dir en grey - Six Ugly. Outer case has some wear on it from being part of my collection for some years. CD has a few scratches but will play no problem. $14.

I'll sell all three Dir CDs for $50 including shipping within the US.


Time Stranger Kyoko 1-3 (complete), Hitsuji no Namida 1. $2 each for TSK, $1 for Hitsuji. All are in good condition.


Pink see through GBA. Got it about four years ago, used it for a year and it's been collecting dust since. Screen has some scratches on it but it's still perfectly viewable and everything works fine. $10.

Mario Party 7 for GameCube. Includes microphone for playing the mic minigames. Everything is in good condition except for the box the stuff came in; it's not destroyed but it's had a couple of hard times. $15.


Thanks so much for looking, and if you have any questions please let me know. :)
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