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27 December 2006 @ 02:00 pm
help me save for Ohayocon!  
Hi! I'm trying to save up for Ohayocon and need a bit more cash.
Please check out my sales journal!
We have (in regards to anime/manga/Japanese things):

Shonen Jump, July 2004(3?) issue.
Phoenix by Osama Tezuka
Newtypes: March '04, Dec. '03, Oct. 03.
Tokyopop Sneaks '03
Juvenial Orion #1
Shonen Jump preview for '05

Things that aren't up on my journal:
Blue lacquer chopsticks
Rukia (from Bleach) cellphone strap
Pierrot - Dictators Circus
Miyavi - Galyuu (雅-galyuu-流)...

...And various other goodies. So, please, come check us out! :D