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Anime merchandise and Manga for trade or sell~

Hello all! I have some stuff I want to get rid of since I dont look at/read it anymore. I would love to sell/trade anything on my list. I also am putting a list of stuff I want if you are intrested in trading. :3

Note: It is manga and some wall scrolls :3

Right now I have three I dont use much anymore. I dont have pics of the wallscrolls (I can get some upon request) but I found some off the interent that are the same pic~


It goes a little further down than this photo and is a large wall scroll.
I'm not sure what to ask so I'd say somewhere around $7-10 bucks

I have one with his picture (but the whole entire picture, the bottom is cut off in this one and there is a logo in the top left corner) It is a large size and would also be asking around $7-10 for it.

I also have a Sailor moon wallscroll (which I can't find a picture of) which all the inner scouts are on the beach.

All my manga is in good condition unless otheriwse stated.
Note: My stuff is a 'you call the price/offer'. I have no clue what to price this stuff at.

What I have:
Fake (1-2)
Decendents of Darkness (1)
Fruits Basket (1)
Inuyasha (1-2) (1 is in the bigger sized manga)
kill me, kiss me (1)
Planet Ladder (4)
Fushigi Yugi (1) (bigger version and back cover got folded *twitch* from a friend, thus has a crease D:<<)
xxx Holic (1)
Dragon Knights (1-6)
Tokyo Mew Mew (1-5)
Desert Coral (1)
Juvenile Orion (1)

What I want: (*=I'll love you if you trade with me)
Othello (4+)
Vampire Game (10+)
Model (4+)
*Deedlits Tale (all)
*Record of Lodoss War: Chronicles of the Heroic Knight (all but 5)
Princess Ai (3+)
Duck Prince (1-3)
Shutterbox (3+)
Now (5)
*The Tarot Cafe (3+)
Loveless (4, even tho its not out yet, lolz)
Yaoi with pretty art? X3

Note: #+ means that number and anything above it

Thats all I can remember at the moment of what I want/have.
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