Dove (dropsofviolet) wrote in garagesalejapan,

manga for sale or trade

I greatly prefer Paypal, unless you can going to buy several items. All manga is English unless otherwise specified. You can offer a trade, but I'd prefer to trade book for book; e.g., 3 books of mine for 3 of yours. And if you'd like to negotiate price, it's certainly a possibility, especially on the new stuff.

New stuff underlined.

Zyword #1~$5 shipped
Yu Yu Hakusho #1-3~$15 shipped
Yu-Gi-Oh! #1-4~$20 shipped
Rave Master #1-7~$35 shipped
CLAMP Paranormal Investigators #1 (novel)~$3 shipped
RG Veda #1 ~$5 shipped
RG Veda #1-10 (JAPANESE)~in perfect condition with dust covers, make an offer
Loveless #1~$4 shipped (some shelf wear, not much)
Excel Saga #1-3~$10 shipped
Read or Die #1~$5 shipped

various issues of Shonen Jump (04 and 05, ask availability)~$3 shipped
various issues of Shojo Beat (05 and 06, ask availability)~$3 shipped
Seven of Seven #1--#3 (full set)~$6 shipped ON HOLD
Magical Shopping Arcade Abenoyashi #1~$2 shipped ON HOLD
Manga Mania: How to Draw~$2.50 shipped ON HOLD

I have Sailor Moon SuperS 1-4, the Mixx edition. Someone was looking for the Mixx-specific editions a while back, but I lost the post. I would be willing to TRADE these for the TokyoPop editions, but no other trades/sales will be acceptable. They are not in mint condition, but they are
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