_merveilles_ (_merveilles_) wrote in garagesalejapan,

items for sale. shipping and handling included.

GLAY - Pure Soul Album. Straight from Japan, still bears the promotional papers and everything. Played only twice, is in great condition, and the cd pamphlet is beautiful! $16

Janne Da Arc - Will~Chizu Ni Nai Basho~ Single. From Japan. Comes with sticker of the band members. Sticker is somewhat scratched though. $9

Janne Da Arc - Lunatic Gate Single. From Japan. Cover sleeve and cd case bear some scratches, but the cd works fine. $9

Arena37c May 2004 issue. Featuring Rag Fair, GLAY, miyavi, T.M Revolution, RIP SLYME, KICK THE CAN CREW, baroque, FLAME, Daigo*Stardust, etc. etc. Comes with a Rag Fair poster, never taken from the magazine. The magazine is in perfect condition except for a slight fold on the top left from flipping the pages. $9

Pippo coin bank. comes with lock and key. been used quite a few times but is still in good condition. $6

mini fm scan radio. come with earphones, and doubles as a compass and mini flashlight. $4

yashica profile 24 mm camera. takes classic, wide, or panoramic shots. i'll throw in 2 extra batteries for it. works perfectly fine. $23

digi charat folder. like new. $4

silver bracelet with purple gems. stretches to fit. $3

silver bracelet. will fit both men and women. $4

silver ankh. about the length of a quarter. can be hung on a chain, necklace, etc. $4

remember, all shipping is already included. i can accept well-concealed cash, or paypal. i need money to buy presents for my friends badly!! i tried taking good pictures but my phonecam sucks *tear*. comment and specify what you're interested in and leave me your email and how you'd like to pay. thanks!!!
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