~The Great Pretender~ (arimi_skywalker) wrote in garagesalejapan,
~The Great Pretender~

Hi everybody!

First time posting here, so don't be mean to me if I do something I shouldn't do, please.

I'm selling a KAT-TUN single and some anime/manga keychains. So, please, take a look and drop a comment if you're interested in something ^__^

Shipping: International. Tell me where do you live and I'll see the shipping fees for you ^__^
Payment Method: PayPal

Click on the images to enlarge them.

Cover. Single front view. DVD front view

Single back view. DVD back view

Item: Signal (SINGLE+DVD)(First Press Limited Edition)
Price: $14.25 USD
Description: Out of print. Opened only to check the CD and DVD. Has never been played, so it's in SUPER PERFECT condition, still with the wrapper and all.

Item: Rare Official Lupin III Keychain
Price: Make an offer and I'll see if I'm interested ^__^
Description: It's a rare item. It's brand new, has never been used. Comes in a closed plastic bag.

Item: Five Official Chobits Keychains (Yumi, Pet, Chii, Yuzuki, Kotoko)
Price: Make an offer and I'll see if I'm interested ^__^
Description: They're rare items. Brand new, have never been used. Come in a closed plastic bag each one. I can sell them together or separatedly, just make me a good offer.

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