★ Vampy ★ (vampy) wrote in garagesalejapan,
★ Vampy ★

Just a couple of things to sell ^^; Look under the cut! Make an offer on everything! I'm just going to let people make offers on everything 'cause you know..saving..for a holiday ;3 <3 So best offer gets XD! Help a girlie!

Also take into consideration I live in the UK, so when making offers, think about postage to you if you don't live in the UK ^^;

Vol 71 of Kera!

Vol 69 of Kera!

Brand new Hello Kitty picture chopsticks but can be used as hairsticks ;D Still in packet!

Charm of Toro from Dokodemo Issyo/Fuji TV in Japan! He is one of my favourite characters but I have a trillion phone charms for him ;3 This one is cute because he's holding a birthday cake and looking really excited! XD Brand new, still in packet!

Japanese character phone strap and two charms. Not sure of the character or show, just liked it because it was cute XD!! It's a cute monkey by the way ;3 Brand spanking new.

Kagrra, badges. Misunderstood that I actually wanted Isshi badges >_<;

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