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manga, dvds, pencilboards

Rumiko Takahashi's Mermaid Trilogy: $10 set
Mermaid's Forest
Mermaid's Scar
Mermaid's Gaze

You're Under Arrest! $3 each
vol. "Lights and Siren!"
vol. "The Wild Ones"

X/1999 [Vols. 1-8] $23 set, $3 each

Rumiko Takahashi's One Pound Gospel $8 set
One Pound Gospel
Knuckle Sandwich
Hungry for Victory

Gundam Wing graphic novels $12 set, $4 each
"Blind Target"
"Ground Zero"
"Episode Zero"

Model [vols. 1-6] $22 set, $4 each

Girl Got Game vol. 1 $3

Yu-Gi-Oh! vol. 1 $3

WISH [vols. 1-4] $4 each

I.N.V.U [vols. 1-3] $3 each

Angelic Layer [vols. 1-5] $15 set

Marmalade Boy [vols. 1, 2] $4 each

Skyscrapers of OZ $6

I also have some Japanese yaoi manga that I brought back from Tokyo, so if you're interested in that, ask me for pictures.

X/1999 [vols. 1-3 PLUS collectors box] (make me an offer)
FAKE $14
Fancy Lala [vol. 1] $8
Revolutionary Girl Utena [vol. 1] $12
Black Heaven [vol. 4] $4
Strawberry Eggs [vols. 1-3] $8 each, $24 set

Pencilboards $5 each
Gravitation (I have two- ask for pictures)

Pricing: I am really desperate to get rid of some of this, so if you see something you'd like, please feel free to make me an offer.
Payment: I can accept paypal (non-cc please), money order, or concealed cash
Shipping: I can ship via media mail, so it will be fairly cheap.
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