Lillith Mizer (silentsecret428) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Lillith Mizer


Alright. i also have a very rare collection of 3 stamps- cardcaptor sakura ones.
The price i am hoping to let them go at is $50 because they are very rare and i bought them expensively. I dont really want to let them go of course, which is why the price is somewhat high- but that is also due to the fact that the item is rare and i will most likely never get my hands on it again.

They have never been used., made by movic and come in a pinking wrap with the face of three stamps
1.) is Keroberros, saying "konyaninichiwa"
2.) is Sakura with her legs "frog sitting", her knees joined together and her feet outwards. She is also holding kero-chan
3.) Tomoyo in a sailor dress with her legs to one side, staring very sweetly with wide eyes.

I can sell them seperately, but they will cost much more- perhaps unreasonably so as i honestly do not want them seperated.
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