rhamiel_kun (rhamiel_kun) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Wish List~!

Hello! I'm looking for several things... First off, I'm looking for some idol cards/lami cards/trading cards from the following series:

Get Backers
Meine Liebe
DN Angel
Gakuen Heaven { Anime Edition }
Utena { Only of Aki, Saionji or Touga. }

I'd have to see pictures of the cards. { Your own pictures or scans. } So that I can pick which ones I want, because I'm not good with the card numbers~. Thanks! { PS - If you're offering up a lot of cards, I'd prefer if you had feedback. } Must be able to accept Paypal! { I'm looking to pay around $0.50 per card. I'm not looking for any SP/Rare cards~. }

Also looking for the artbox { Just the artbox } for Descendants of Darkness. { American release artbox, of course. } I'm willing to pay $8 including shipping for it~. ^^ { Media Mail shipping if you prefer, whatever is cheapest for you and works~. ^^ }

And the following manga:

{ Manga must not have any bends, stains or tears! A little shelf wear is completely understandable though, of course. =D }

Cantarella Volume 2 & 3
Fruits Basket Volume 13
Seimaden Volume 2, 6 & 7
Finder Series Volume 2: Cage in the Finder

Looking to pay $6 including shipping each. { Except for Finder Series. I'll pay $8 including shipping for that one. }

Also looking for Castlevania: Curse of Darkness for the PS2. { Must have original case and manual and be in good condition! Minor scuffing is fine as long as it isn't too much, and the game still works just fine. ^^ } Looking to pay $15 including shipping. { Media Mail or First Class, your choice~. }

Thanks! { PPS - If you live in the US, I'll gladly trade you for anything in my journal of equal value! ^^ }

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