Neko Meow (neko79) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Neko Meow

Selling - First try : Ayano Yamane libre postcard

This is my first attempt selling off stuff.
If this get sold then i will sell more things(including BL items) in future hehe(there are more items sitting in my room).

Please note that this postcard is thinner than the normal postcards available on the market.

Watermark is by me hehe and is not on the original postcard.

Price is 10USD including shipping(airmail) and handling fees by Paypal.
Payment by Paypal only.
I will mail it inside a regular envelope(cost by me hehe) to whichever country you are from after I receive the payment.
I will not be held responsible for any loss due to regular mailing.
If you require registered mail, additional fees will be charged.
Any enquiries aka bigger images, please email me with relevant email titles.
First come, first serve. I will not hold item upon request :>
I currently only have ONE copy of this item. :>

Thanks for reading my entry~!~!

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