The Pink Berry Shop! (pink_berry_shop) wrote in garagesalejapan,
The Pink Berry Shop!

Sale & Wants

Buy one, get one half price sale!

♥ - DIY skirts, dresses, bloomers/drawers
♥ - FRUiTSY store-bought clothes - including a new pleated denim mini skirt
♥ - Marie belt, rainbow bubblegum bead necklace, furoku accessories
♥ - Sanrio/Miscellaneous

I will consider trades *only* for items under the cut, and Paypal only (I *may* make exceptions if you're in the UK, but I really need Paypal funds) :/ But I ship internationally! :D


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I only want to *trade* for these items -

Pita-Ten manga, volumes 5 to 8
Love Hina manga, volumes 5 to 14
DearS manga, volumes 4 upwards
Magical Project S DVDs 1 & 2 (region doesn't matter, as long as it's not 0 or any kind of bootleg...)
Nurse Witch Komugi DVD 2 (no bootlegs or anything with Chinese subs!)

Tokyo Mew Mew plushies/goods
To Heart plushies/goods
Puyo Puyo plushies
Angelique plushies
Anime phone straps
Love Hina plushies
Sailor Moon goods

Kawaii sticker sacks (no grabbies, just unopened sacks), or any full kawaii memo pads, etc.
Fabric yardage
Cute hair ties
Placebo stuff
Disney Princess home decor (you know, things you could use in your bedroom)

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