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DS: Pink Wa-loli set, anime, manga, + more

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I bought this set awhile back & haven't had a chance to use it yet so I'd like to see if someone can offer it a better home. Well... that & I need the $$$ for christmas XD This set is by Sky Creation & includes obi, detachable obi bow, and hair bows. Here's a quick pic I just took of it: [click me]. My ebay feedback is here. I'd like $75 shipped within the continental U.S. I'll ship internationally for an additional $3.50. Paypal preferred =^_^=

I also have the following items for sale:

Juvenile Orion manga vol. 1
Kodocha manga vol.1 -3
Mars manga vol. 1-3
Detective Loki dvd vol. 1 + box ($10)
Detectgive Loki dvd vol. 2
Last Exile DVD vol.1-3
D.N. Angel OST 1 with original booklet
Witch Hunter Original Sound Score 2 with original booklet
Authentic japanese black silk obi (separate from the above set)

$5 per manga. $7 per dvd w/the exception of the Detective Loki vol. 1 box. Make offers on the rest =^_^=

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