Iris Chen (quoththeraven) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Iris Chen

emily temple cute top + (brand?) visual kei/gothic vest + bath things

EMILY TEMPLE CUTE HALTER TOP Asking: $45-$50 shipping included
I bought this from another seller, brand new w/o tags, and I've only tried it on-- It's super cute and comfortable for spring/summer! It would fit up to about a 35" bust (widest part of bust) due to shirring and waist/hips are free. The straps are "removable" by buttons on the back side and the halter part allows you to have it lower or higher when you remove the straps.

(MYSTERY BRAND) VISUAL KEI/GOTHIC VEST Asking: $20-$25 + shipping
This was from closet child, and I need to get rid of some stuff-- so this is going. It's SUPER COMFY and would look great on a guy or a girl. It's really got no measurements because it's stretchy and it's a vest (not a shirt, you need a shirt under unless you're a dude).

BATH THINGS! CHERRY BLOSSOM + WARM VANILLA SET Asking $13 + shipping OR free w/purchase over $50!!!
I got a lot of this for x-mas and I don't use these things. It's shower gel (cherry blossom), body spray (warm vanilla, cherry blossom), lotion (cherry blossom), and bubble bath (warm vanilla, cherry blossom)! And if you pay more than $50 for any order including my auctions on ebay, I will give you this set for free!!!


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