fifty two (ex_707545) wrote in garagesalejapan,
fifty two

Sailor Moon manga.

Two things

One: For sale Sailor Moon manga 1-11 + SuperS 1-4 [Together as one set. I don't want to split them up]. I'm taking offers. I haven't looked at them lately but if I recall most are in very good condition. While others are in good condition (I think more specifically one of the SuperS has spine damage).
Pictures will be taken on request. I'll accept paypal only. Shipping will most likely be around ~15 dollars (to US only).

Two. Has anyone looked at lately? Can anyone tell me why they are taking 'pre-orders'(?) for some of the Sailor Moon manga?

It notes on the page that it takes "4-6 weeks to send out". I ended up ordering some on the 26th and just got an e-mail stating "Some item(s) in the shipment is under our Pre-Order Price Guarantee, and the guarantee hasn't ended yet". I'm confused -- pre-order?

Is there are new print? (How would that even be possible?) Was there a hidden stash of them? (Psht.) How is it legal to sell them if the rights are not there anymore? -- I'm so, so confused!

Anyone know any answers? Would it be worth getting these guys, ya think? And if so, then maybe some of you out there trying to complete your collections should consider it. ^_^

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