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I'm selling all of my InuYasha stuff and are giving you guys the first offer up on it. This lot includes the first full 21 volumes of the second edition original Manga, The first 2 volumes of the Cinemanga, and three UFO plushies, InuYasha, Shippo, and Sesshomaru.
The conditions of the manga are excellent, any ware coming from storage on my shelf. I take great care in all of my things so if any damage is to be found on these items it might be a slight curling of corners or wearing of the spine.
As for the plushies I am going to be completely honest in informing you that the hair has become a bit of an issue. However, this has happened to all of my plushies and thus leads me to believe if is a fairly common complaint. Nevertheless, the top layer of hair has pealed away from the back layer due to cheap glue on the manufacturers part. Before shipment I WILL do my best to glue the pieces back together with hotglue so that your purchase will be in the best shape possible on my part. Secondly, InuYasha seems to have gotten slightly dirty, not enough to bring down it's value, but some cleaning might be required under your discreation.

The Store Value for all of these together would come to somewhere around $275, however, since all of this is used and it is all in a lot, I am offering this to you for the price of only $130 plus shipping.

I'm new to this and this is my first post in this group so if you make the purchase you might have to help me throught the paying process. I do have PayPal that supposedly takes credit card purchases.

Comment to purchase and

to see pictures.

Thanks ^^

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