tootles (erikaaah) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Naruto Things for Sale

I have some Naruto things for sale. Yessuh.
Images and prices are listed behind the cut.

Sasuke Card Box (No cards)
Price: $5.00 USD

Naruto Set
Pencils, Eraser, Un-opend cards, Tin box with notebook, Placemat, Naruto Pin (Not Pictured)
Price: $13 USD for all

Naruto Cards with Coins
Two cards with gold coins.
Price: $3 USD each.

Naruto Card Set (Set of Four)
Each file includes four cards. Close Up & Close Up
Price: $10 USD for all

Naruto Cards (Set of Two)
Close Up & Close Up
Price: $3 USD

Bleach Cards (Set of Two)
Price: $3 USD for both

If you are interesed in buying these things please email me at

Please include the following:
Subject: Livejournal: Naruto Sale
Livejournal name & the item you are interested in.
Also, please include your zip code/country name in order to calculate shipping, as the prices do not include shipping.
Form of payment accepted: Money Orders or Checks

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