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Some Posters

I have some posters up for sale (more possibly coming soon lol) because I moved sadly I have no space for these so here's your chance to own them :D

P.s - If I owe you something it's been sent out :D

- Castlevania poster:

I got this poster at Otakon one year (;-;) it's really a shame I have to sell it but anyway lol. It's been hung up once and is in perfect condition.

- Kaoru poster:

I love this poster. It's not quite a mini poster but not quite a normal sized poster. If you want measurements I can send a picture comparing it to a normal sized poster :D in near perfect condition.

- Glay poster (Hisashi and Teru)

Same as above, I can do comparisons with this one as well.

- Izam poster (for his solo work)

Near Perfect condition. This one is a normal sized poster.

- Kaoru calendar poster.

This is a normal sized poster. Sadly it has some wear to it x.x it's some years old.


~I can not accept paypal at this point (if extremely nessesary I'll make an exception) Since I've recently ran into problems with people sending concealed cash and it getting lost I preferr each payment be made with a money order. If you want to send concealed cash I recommend getting some type of tracking or something on it incase something gets lost. I'm NOT responsible for lost cash.

~Shipping depends on where you live.

~Insurance is an extra 1.30 (up to 100 dollars) if you want insurance please add that to the total.

~I am not responsible for lost or damaged goods, especially if you do not pay for insurance.

~I can only hold items for two weeks if I know the money is coming. Please do not tell me you want to buy something then make me wait around for weeks and then tell me "Sorry I can't buy it anymore" (granted if something serious comes up I can and WILL understand) I try very hard to be understanding and fair believe me.

~Please contact me with questions or comments at: Bouncyizam@hotmail.com or leave a comment here.

~ OFFER a REASONABLE price ^-^

Thank you so much for looking.

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