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More J-rock and Anime/Manga CDs!

As an addendum to my post the other day, I did a bit more spring cleaning, and I found some more CDs that I would like to part with.

As before, please make me an offer for anything that you happen to be interested in. All reasonable offers will be considered. (^^)

Also, as before: Freebies! For every item you buy from me, I'll include any two items of your choice from the freebie list. If you just want a freebie, you can have one if you pay shipping. All freebies are first come, first serve, and once gone, that's it!

Some of the CDs listed below are additions to the freebie list. Because they are Son May (bootleg) CDs, I don't feel comfortable taking money for them, but I would like them to go to a nice home if possible. (I didn't know they were bootleg at the time I bought them! *sigh*)

J-Rock CDs
* Mucc - Aishuu - special box set version that comes with 108 piece jigsaw
* Aliene Ma'riage - Les Soiree - special box set working clock version SOLD
* Due le quartz - mikansei no Jekyll to Hyde SOLD
* Due le quartz - Jisatsu Ganbou (3rd press)
* Kagrra - Nue (2nd press - white) HOLD
* Kagrra - Sakura
* Sid (shido) - hoshi no miyako HOLD
* hide - BEST (cover is slightly cracked) HOLD
* Machine - Captain Sonic Tune (Hakuei from Penicillin and Kiyoshi project) SOLD
* Machine - e.rect (Hakuei from Penicillin and Kiyoshi project) SOLD
* Earl Grey - Marchentic Paradox HOLD
* Earl Grey - GEEKS HOLD
* hotaru - kayou suspense gekijou
* Orugo-ru - mousou to requiem HOLD
* Mesumerian - Orga-M99- HOLD
* Yougenkyou omnibus - Fatima, ChronoSphere, k@mikaze, PERSONA, deadman, Galruda, Loza=Veria, Phobia, Crack brain HOLD
* Yougenkyou II omnibus - merry, jakura, Sinkro, As'REAL, Aliza Marie, porori, Jinkaku radio, karimero, Vanilla HOLD

J-Rock DemoTapes
* Aliene Ma'riage - Mannequin SOLD

Anime/Manga CDs
* Love Mode 2 Drama CD
* FFVII Original Soundtrack (double CD set) SOLD
* FFVIII Original Soundtrack (double CD set)

* Vampire Princess Miyu Drama CD (Son May)
* Vampire Princess Miyu TV OST (Son May) GIVEN
* Shoujo Kakumei Utena TV OST (Son May) GIVEN

As before:

If you want more pictures or a more detailed description of anything, please don't hesitate to ask me. (^_^)

Shipping is from Australia via Airmail. For flat items (anything thinner than 20mm) shipping starts at US$3.50 worldwide. For anything else, shipping starts at US$7.50 for America, US$9 for Europe, and will go up depending upon weight. For other countries, please ask! (And of course, for Australia, shipping is much cheaper. Please inquire. ^^)
I will hold items to combine shipping with my Ebay auctions, also. Please ask. (^_^)

I accept all forms of PayPal! I do not charge the PayPal fee. For Australian residents, I also accept direct bank deposit. I cannot accept money orders or Bidpay or Western Union, sorry!

Please comment here or drop me an email at cassiel AT crysania DOT com (^^)

Thank you for looking! d(^o^)b

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