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「 MELTY Ki SS ♥ 」

SELLING JE MAGAZINES / CDs / Posters / Photos

Selling Duet, TV Guide, JE Posters, Photos and CDs

All prices are in USD
Payment accepted through concealed cash (at buyers' risk)
I will not ship internationally, sorry.
I am not responsible for any lost mail.

Shipping within USA: Magazines - $3, CDs - $2, posters - $2, photos - $0.25.
I can combine shipping if you purchase more than one item.

All items are in perfect condition unless stated otherwise.

Duet Jan 2007 (Booklet not included) SOLD to kichi_kawaii
$9 USD

Duet Dec 2006 SOLD to kichi_kawaii
$10 USD

Duet Nov 2006 SOLD to kichi_kawaii
$10 USD

TV Guide Mar 2006 SOLD to Ysa
$3 USD

NEWS - touch (Oversea Edition) SOLD to mellowdee
$5 USD

Unofficial JE Photos (1.Yamapi & Uchi 2. Uchi 3. Shuji to Akira 4.KAT-TUN 5. Jin) ALL SOLD to Ysa
$0.75 USD each

Official KAT-TUN Signal Poster
$15 USD

NEWS Jumbo Poster (Corners on backside are slightly damaged) SOLD to yumstarbucks
$4 USD

Yamapi Pin Up SOLD to tezuka_zooooone
$2 USD

Yamapi Pin Up SOLD to tezuka_zooooone
$2 USD

Johnny's Jr Pin Up SOLD to koyama_love
$2 USD

NEWS & Ya-Ya-Yah Pin Up SOLD to raspberrypi
$2 USD

NEWS Pin Up SOLD to saturnianlove
$2 USD

NEWS Pin Up (slightly bent corners) SOLD to yumstarbucks
$2 USD

Duet Jan 06 - diadori_san
NEWS Pin Up (1) - godsgirl7
Duet Dec 06 - everanangel604

If something is ON HOLD, it means the buyer has not confirm their order with me yet. But I can still put you on the waiting list for the item.
Feel free to request for more photos or information about the items.

Please leave a comment (with your email) or email me at fantasy_luv102@yahoo.com if interested.

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