chuchu (chupachup) wrote in garagesalejapan,

english language manga: $5 each; if one manga is bought, +$2 shipping, but buy more than one and media mail shipping is free.

Angelic Layer 1-3 (some light bends)
Chobits 1 (pretty shelf worn)
Cheeky Angel 1-4
Real Bout High School 1
Video Girl Ai 4
Doubt! 1-3
Marmalade Boy 1-4 (1 is shelf worn, the rest are pretty much like new)

Sailor Moon Supers 2: $17 shipped; pending, I was waiting payment from someone for a week now, but she hasn't responded. Just in case, leave a comment if interested.
Earthian 1-4: $36 shipped for the set. Retails $15 each = $60 original price.

Looking for (in english):
Basara 16, 19, 21+
Nodame Cantabile 8+
Hana Kimi 1-4
A, A' (old Viz book)
From Far Away 1+
Copic PENS (not markers)

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