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Trying to raise some money for my car repairs :/

Here some manga and Anime i am trying to sell to raise money for my car repairs. If anyone likes anything, leave me a comment so we can do business :D

Sorry i don't have any pics. Its kinda late and i don't have access to my camera XD But if you want, or need, i can get some pictures and either post, or e-mail you the ones you need.
So heres a list of what i have.


1. Someday's Dreamers Collecters box, containing DVD's 1, and two. Each one i have watched once. Nothing is wrong with them besides i watched them. They were a christmas gift three years ago. $40.00

2. Tokyo Babylon DVD- Watched once. Good condition on disk. $12.00

3. X [one] DVD, with collecters box. Only watched once. $20.00


1. Gravitation Mangas 1-11. Early ones are a bit worn at the spine. But no major damage to any of them. Later mangas are great condition ^^ I lost the 12th one :/ or i would be selling it too. $50.00

2. Love Hina manga 1-5. This is about as far as i got in collecting them. They are old, and some spinage ware. But nothing serious. $25.00

3. Chobits Manga set, 1-8. All of these mangas are in great condition. $50.00

Thats about all i have now. I hope someone wants something ^^ comment and we can talk about things more. I can lower the prices a bit if needed. My e-mail address is Pinku_rikku@yahoo.com. If you have any questions, i check my e-mails daily, an sometimes hourly. So send me anything you might need.

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