animeattic (animeattic) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Added anime pins, idol & egraph cards, chopsticks & J-manga lots

Anime pins are new and never used. Series include Ranma, Slayers, Mamotte Shugogetten, Escalfowne, Nadesico, Card Captor, and Sailor Moon.

Egraphic postcards/frames (sometimes refered to as mini shitajiki or pencil board) added Utena (many singles and a complete regulars set available. 3 foil chase cards also available.)

Idol cards from various anime or game series. (the more you buy the cheaper per card!)

Chopsticks and other utensils from Cutey Honey Flash and Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne.

Manga lots are 5 per lot and in Japanese. Most are Boys Love.

I take cash, postal money orders, and NON-CREDIT/DEBIT card Paypal. (if you must pay by credit card, you can pay the Paypal fees on top of your total.)

Visit my journal for pics and details! animeattic

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