riffsilver (riffsilver) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Help with Yahoo! Japan Auctions

Hi guys ^^ I hope this kind of post is allowed.

I was wondering, do you know credible and legal (and whatever positive adjectives you can think of) people who can buy from Yahoo! Japan Auctions for me, accepts paypal through credit card, and ships to the Philippines? But if to US only, I guess it's alright coz I have a friend who'll stay there until March.

I know Akibado:
   - Y500 charge per seller
   - Final fee depending on the closing price of the item
   - 3.9% Paypal fee
   - other charges

I heard mukunoki but I could not find the breakdown of the charges. And from what I understand, it limits up to three items only.

I have tried akibado, but they haven't updated their site about my items yet. I am beginning to worry with akibado because of the 500yen base charge each.

Do you have any ideas? Which is the best choice you can think of? Cause I am looking for Fanatic Crisis items everywhere, I found one here in garagesalejapan already ^^ But there are plenty in the auctions >_< I'm a bit desperate. Pardon me if you find this post annoying.

Edit: Thank you to everyone who replied! I didn't know of those sites ^^ I really appreciate your replies, whether be praises or complaints ^^

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