happysky (happysky) wrote in garagesalejapan,

[Gothic Lolita] Exclusive Metamorphose Lucky Pack Skirt - Red Plaid/Tartan - $95 or Trade!

Hi all, up for sale/trade is a lovely plaid skirt only available in Metamorphose's Winter 2007 Lucky Pack.

(Image belongs to osakaneko_sales, whom I'm not affiliated with.)

Please see the wonderful osakaneko_sales's sales post here with many lovely pictures and details of this same exact skirt!

She's already sold hers, but she was generous enough to give me permission to use her photos and sales post to sell my own skirt, since my pictures would never be as nice as hers.

If you're worried about being scammed, I have 98 feedback on eBay and I can provide pictures of the skirt that is in my posession.

Basic info:
* Brand new with tags.
* The original price is Y13800.
* Waist is about 24"-26" (selectively elastic)

Trade Info - I'd actually prefer a trade! I'm not a big fan of velveteen or velour (and obviously plaid or other punk stuff), or camo, but otherwise, I wanna see what you have to offer! Brand is preferred. I'm also willing to do a half-trade if you have something to offer that is worth more than just a skirt.

Things I'm specificially looking for: white pannier, red/white accessories (alice headband bow, socks, etc.), other accessories, casual loli stuff. Also, I love music motifs!

Sales Info - My price is $95 USD + shipping. Shipping will probably be in the $6-$15 range, depending on location/services requested. Paypal highly preferred.

If you're interested, feel free to leave me comments here, but also please leave your email address! ^^ If you'd prefer, you can email me at tasteyourstuff@gmail.com.

Update: I'm currently discussing trades with a couple of people (just to get a feel of the market), but please don't hesitate to post if you have something to offer or if you would like to BUY IT NOW ^o^. Nothing is set in stone yet, and I'd love to receive more offers!

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