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After long decision i'm leaving some precious AP item, mainly i think i should save for some things that i really looking for, hope they found some new home who can take care of them~~

AP melody set
Set includes the completely sold out white jsk and matching headdress
They are both are pretty much worn once for photoshoot only
Measurement for JSK size M:
Bust: 88cm, waist: 70cm length 92cm, arms are free (elastic) (there are no shirring or ribbon can be adjust, measurement are taken off the site, it's a APPROX measurement, i doubt the bust can somehow fit 90cm (because shoulder has some elastic), if you are comfortable with)
the headdress seems pretty plain but actually it looks pretty good when you worn on
the fabric are 65% made of polyester and 35% made out of rayon, ribbons are made out of velvet
I got them through celga which cost me nearly 300usd with commission, shipping and stuff (i order one item later than the other so i paid different amount)
I'm looking around 250usd include shipping or best offer (the jsk cost me more than 250 already)

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AP pink melody skirt
This melody skirt it's sold out on reservation (i saw someone saying they still have few pinks left on some branch store but it was long time ago, doubt it's completely sold out now)
The measurements are 65~74cm, length: 51cm
it's brand new without tags on
it has been dry clean once
Asking: 195usd include shipping or best offer

reference pics:


AP Carnival SET
This is the Nagoya limited version, so you only can get it through the actual nagoya shop
I really really do love this and i just got this baby no longer than 3 days
Set includes OP and matching socks~
somehow i don't really like the top part of the OP, even though i think it will fit me more comfortably than the jsk does
I think the jsk would look better on me, i did get them through reservation
which cost me 350usd include commission and stuff (just for the OP)
I really would like them 365 include insured shipping or best offer~ (shipping is heavy because of the OP)
*ps, if you don't want insured will still be the same price
measurements: bust start from 90cm~(there's lots of shirring at the back), length: 92cm, waist from 70cm~
they are brand new with tags and in a plastic bag~

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Reference pics:

Angelic Pretty polka dot one piece
release few years ago i think, its very popular and rare to find them now
been worn once
length: 92cm
Bust: 35' max
waist: 28 (ribbon can be adjust)
built-in petticoat
asking:180usd include shipping
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Priority goes to non-cc paypal  first, then CC paypal (CC paypal have to charged 4% fee) or last option, concealed cash in express mail only, and have to sent within 3 days
If you want to upload your funds, it's fine, but please tell me after you've done.
Insured is 9usd more (if is insured i can't put lower custom because we only can do insurance over 75usd)
Please aware shipping includes only to Australia, USA/Canada, rest of the world please enquire
All items will be ship 2 days later (post office close on weekends)

sorry not selling item in set separate so please don't ask

It you want any feedback, just let me know
all the items are in my house and ready to ship
I don't offer EMS shipping sorry, (too expensive) and all payment must received within 3~4 days


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