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2 shirts from Japan!

I would really really like to sell these 2 shirts, so please take a look at them!
I got both of them from Japan, and am charging less than what I paid for them
I accept non cc paypal, and possibly UScash, and postal money orders, if nescisary.
Please see my selling journal for feedback info.

Bettys Blue Rhinestone strawberry cutsew.
I got this a few years ago, and only wore it one time.
I love this shirt, but because I can't wear sleevless, it's just been sitting in my dresser for the past 3 years.
It is still in very good condition. The only thing wrong with it is that there are no tags on the inside.
The measurments unstreched are
Bust 29 inches
Waist 26 inches
Length 19.5
This is a very soft strechy material, and can strech quite a lot without affecting the look.
It fit me, although a bit tightly with the measurments listed above.
However, it fits my sister perfectly with her measurments, so I would recomend someone who is smaller than me.
I would like $14

Pink Crown shirt, brand is Light Hearted. $35
The shirt is brand new with tags. Never worn, and never tried on.
It's 80% velvet, and 20% polyester. It's a very soft warm shirt, perfect for the cold days we've been having!
The size is a Japanese size Large, which is more like an American size Medium.
The measurments unstreched are- Bust 34inches, Wast- 32 inches, Length 22.5 inches,
Sleve Length 23 inches. I would say the shirt could easily stretch 2-4 more inches as well as it is a stretchy shirt.
Here are some more pictures. Close up of print
Arms unfolded

I am also going to be putting up a Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, 2007 calender up for sale!
I haven't taken pictures of it, since I just got it yesterday, and haven't had time to take pictures.
I am selling it only because I have no where at all to put it! It's super gorgeous, and like new, the person who owned it before only scanned it, and I looked through it once.
It's a calender to put on your desktop though, and somehow I had the idea it was one you could hang on your wall, and I have no surface space anywhere to display it. *sad*
I am going to sell it for $18 with shipping in the USA, or $20 for shipping outside the USA.
(unless you want EMS, that will cost more)
You can feel free to buy it from me now, or wait till I have the pics up, probably by sunday night.

Thanks for looking! And as always, make sure to look at all the great items for sale on my journal!

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