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Various Anime for Sale/Trade

Well, it's official. I am poor. I have to get money. So I need to sell some of my anime. Here's the list and price. All DVDs are in exceptional quality. You can see an Excel sheet with the Bar Codes and condition all here: along with a picture of it all.
All DVDs are Region One (R1) US releases bought from Suncoast. Near EVERYTHING is mint.
Here's the list with asking price. I will haggle a LITTLE bit, but I have already marked the movies WAY down. Shipping is $5 dollars.

Read more to see the list and contact info:

Akira The Special Edition $30
Blood The Last Vampire TRADED
Burn-Up W - On the Case & in Your Face TRADED
Crest of the Stars DVDs 1 & 2 SOLD
El Hazard - The Alternative World SET $50
El Hazard - The Magnificent World SET $45
Fushigi Yugi The Mysterious Play $95
Gasaraki DVDs 1-5 $30
Generator Gawl DVDs 1-3 $30 or $11 a Piece
Geobreeders DVD 1 $10
Macross Saga - The Robotech Legacy Collections 1-3 $20 Each or $55 for all three.
Neon Genesis Evangelion SET (Collection 1-8) $65 **Water Damage on 2 DVD incerts. Pefect DVDs though**
Nnights of Ramune $6
Ranma 1/2 OAV Series $15
Ranma 1/2 - Random Rhapsody Who Do? Voodoo $10
Ranma 1/2 - Random Rhapsody The Way We're Not $10
Ranma 1/2 - Random Rhapsody Watermelon Beach $10
Ranma 1/2 - Random Rhapsody The Deamon from Jusenkyo $10
Ranma 1/2 - The Movie Big Trouble In Nekonron, China $15
Ranma 1/2 - The Movie 2 Nihao My Concubine $15
Slayers The Book of Spells TRADED
Slayers The Movie TRADED
Slayers - First Collection Box Set $65 - Sale Pending (After Christmas)
Slayers - Next Collection Box Set $70 - Sale Pending (After Christmas)
Tenchi Forever! $5 - Trade Pending
Tenchi In Tokyo SET $75
Tenchi Universe SET $70
The Irresponsible Captain Taylor - OVA Collection An Exceptional Episode $10
The Irresponsible Captain Taylor - OVA Collection The Sidestory Collection $10
Vampire Princess Initiation $5
Wrath of the Ninja The Yotoden Movie $8
Yazo Takaba's - Blue Seed The Nightmare Begins $8
Yazo Takaba's - Blue Seed Descent Into Terror $8

Conact me via email: or a Messenger service.
AIM: Magi Lordmusic
ICQ: 7517628
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