Iris Chen (quoththeraven) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Iris Chen

DS: Meta Sweets "one piece" bathing suit (actually 2 pieces)

Hey! I'm trying to sell this swim suit 'cause I got it and it is wayyy too tight-- but it still has tags-- I could exchange it if no one on here wants it first-- but I'd rather sell it for now and buy it later maybe.

So here's the link to it -- It is 2 pieces, but it looks like a one piece:

and it's the size 9-- but it's pretty small/tight on me. So I would recommend it for no one with more than 34"/35" in the hips (where the bottom sits) and no more than 32" underbust, 36" across the middle of the bust.

It is stretchy, but when you're a little too big, and pudge kind of comes out because it's tight, it doesn't look good-- I've only tried it on with underwear on underneath-- so it's still got tags and all and without any sort of wear! I'll even include the bag it came in.

PRICE: 22300 YEN (original price is lower because this includes the shipping from japan)/ $185 USD shipping included.

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