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First Pressing Abound. Many of these CDs are hard to find via Third Stage, let alone within the US or Canada. They're all in great condition, having been only played to rip the mp3 tracks and then stored in a smoke free environment. Please take note that the autographed photos are included with the CDs!
  • face↑pisaroto & face↓mayura <-- the band's debut "face" double maxi-single release. both cd's pretty much sold out in a flash and are somewhat of a rarity *SOLD*
  • occult proposal <--- vidoll's first single. released on christmas day $30
  • if... rebotomin (Y LV25 25) 475mg AND if... torikabuto (shikibetsu code nashi) 120mg <-- double "if..." maxi-single release. $30/each
  • kana na no chikai mimi <------- cd distributed freely at the band's first oneman. they only made 330 of these freakin' things $45
  • if... yakubutsu ranyou bokumetsu campaign <--- because the first "if..." maxi-singles sold out completely, under code released this altered sort of second press. it contains an unreleased song, "heiwa no uta" & a trading card is enclosed with the cd. $25
  • genjou teki ni kiken na title no tame ima wa dekimasen... <--- unopened, mail order only. contains new song plus a new version of "mayura↓↑'pisaroto". $35
  • ishoku doumei <--- vidoll and kalimero coupling cd. this cd contains one original song from each band, "peko-crash-trap" by vidoll and "kaishoku photograph" by kalimero, plus two cross-covers performed by both bands. vidoll cover kalimero's "aoi tori" and kalimero cover vidoll's "occult proposal". $30
  • hitokiri no kurixxxxsu <-- unopened, first release after ayano's departure and hide's joining of the band. $35
  • wagahai wa, korosuke nari... <---- maxi-single. contains three previously unreleased tracks. $30
  • Shock Jam Edition 3. (Vidoll, Fatima, Doremidan, Hotaru, etc.) $35
  • High Style Paradox I (vidoll, schwardix marvally, makaroni, 12012, HISKAREA, etc)  $35

Prices do not include shipping costs. Items will be shipped USPS Priority Mail, estimates available if you leave your zipcode. I accept paypal or money orders for payment. View my ebay user feedback. Email me: cbasty @ or leave a message with any questions / offers.

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