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[Sale]: New owners needed for 2 magazines!

Because my friend and I are getting old and senile, we bought extra copies of Myojo September 2006 & Winkup October 2006 by mistake. We realized this only now.

So we decided to find new owners for these two magazines.

Title: Myojo September 2006
Price: S$10
Condition: 90% new
Supplementary: Young Songs (KAT-TUN on cover) & Kiss and Love Sapuri (Yamapi on cover)
Weight: 580 g (inclusive of supplementaries)
Following JE artistes:

- KAT-TUN: 19 pages + 5 pages of ads
- Yamashita Tomohisa: 4 pages + 1 pinup (see picture)
- Koyama Keiichiro/Tegoshi Yuya/Kato Shigeaki/Masuda Takahisa: 2 pages each
- Tackey & Tsubasa: 6 pages (Ho! Summer PV shooting)
- Arashi: 8 pages
- Yayayah: 4 pages
- Okada Junichi/Miyake Ken/Morita Go: 3 pages each
- Kinki Kids: 6 pages
- Kanjani 8: 8 pages & many more!

Title: Winkup October 2006
Price: S$10
Condition: 90% new
Weight: 480 g
Following JE artistes:

- KAT-TUN: 9 pages + pinup (equivalent to 3 pages)
- Yamashita Tomohisa: 4 pages
- Imai Tsubasa: 3 pages
- Takizawa Hideaki: 3 pages
- Koyama Keiichiro/Masuda Takahisa/ Tegoshi Yuya/Kato Shigeaki: 2 pages each
- Kanjani 8: 11 pages + pinup (equivalent to 3 pages)
- Kinki Kids: 6 pages
- Arashi: 7 pages
- Yayayah: 4 pages
- Kis-My-Ft2: 3 pages
- Hasegawa Jun/Kazama Shunsuke/Ikuta Toma: 1 page each
- Okada Junichi/Morita Go/Miyake Ken: 3 pages each & many more!

Please read through these conditions before you decide whether to buy:

a. All prices are final and non-negotiable. All prices are in Singapore dollars.
b. All prices do not include shipping fees.
c. I can only accept well-concealed Singapore dollars via registered mail and buyer bears the risk of loss.
d. For shipping fees, please go here and calculate for yourself how much shipping fees you will incur for postage to your country. I have already reflected the weight of each magazine in the description section. Please add S$2.00 to the amount reflected for the cost of a bubblepack envelope.
e. Add S$2.20 if you opt for shipping via registered airmail. For EMS, this is not necessary.
f. My email is ribichee @ yahoo.co.uk (remove the spaces between "@" but ribichee remains an entire word).
g. You can enquire further either by emailing me or leaving a comment at this post BUT please do not leave a comment on my private LJ. I will try to respond as fast as I can but as I am working, it may take 1 or 2 days.
h. I apologise for the poor pictures as the same were taken at night after work.
i. Please don’t flame me for the prices coz my friend and I paid higher prices for these magazines.

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