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Hello~ I still have stuff to sell.

Sophia- walk ($3 +shipping) (edges of paper cover show wear, obi included)[claimed? uzu_uzu]
Sophia- oar ($3 +shipping) (pretty new, some scratches)[claimed?]
Sophia- Misairu [Missle] ($3 +shipping) (pretty new, small crack in case) [claimed?]

Dope HEADz- Primitive Impulse ($10 +shipping) (new) (includes a sheet of stickers. sorry, I used one! obi also included)[claimed]
Hyde- Evergreen ($6 +shipping) (good condition)
GLAY- Be with you ($3 +shipping) (3 in. single, good-ish condition, edges of case worn a bit)
GLAY- Soul Love ($3 +shipping) (3 in. single, good condition, obi included)
GLAY- DRIVE ~GLAY complete BEST (2-disc best collection) ($25+shipping) (perfect condition)
Gackt- MARS (Great condition, except I lost the box that holds the 2 pieces together. $18+shipping)

Translated Manga
($6/book +shipping)(all in like-new condition)
Paradise Kiss vol. 1 [claimed]
GTO vol. 13

Japanese Manga BTW, this is *in japanese* XD :D
Ranma 1/2 vol. 1-7 ($2/book +shipping) (used, slightly yellowed pages, pics available, different edition from the two below)
Ranma 1/2 vol. 13 & 14 ($3/book +shipping) (good)
Tokyo Babylon vol. 1-4 ($4/book +shipping) (good but used)
D.N.Angel vol. 9 ($4 +shipping) (new)


KAT-TUN- 1st picture book promo poster ($6+shipping) [claimed]
Spirited Away (film) poster- Big. Nice. $10+shipping. (about $5, cause I need to buy a tube) [claimed]

random stuff

Spirited Away [film]-deck of playing cards ($5 +shipping)
set of 12 Inu-Yasha trading cards, 2 holographics ($5 +shipping)
Yellow Monkey Bento box- A two layer bento that I brought back from Japan, unfortunately I never use it. $10+shipping

DVD ($12 each, including domestic shipping)
(all viewed once or less)

Geneshaft vol. 1
Love Hina Spring Movie

--magazine clippings--

In my last post, people claimed things and never came through, so if you see your name by what you wanted then you get it before anyone else.

*edit* I have many things. Because the list was long, I've condensed it to only the ones people have asked about. ^^ Feel free to ask me if I have *dareka*. Since more than one poeple want some bands, I've put a little note by the band, and if the first person doesn't follow through, next person gets them, etc. :P

Plastic Tree/Ryutaro pic one pic two pic three-*new*[youkotriumph?]
Pierrot pic one pic two
w-inds. pic one pic two poster[torame?]
morning musume pic one [psyhco_bunnie?]
Baroque pic one pic two [ibitsu?]
Utada Hikaru pic one [rabbit_gkt87]
MALICE MIZER pic one pic two pic three [childprey_kaoru]
D'espairs Ray pic one [_kikai]

And so, so many more.

cost: ¢50 a page + shipping.

I REALLY PREFER *personal* paypal, otherwise you must pay the fee.

Please ask if you want to know if I have any other bands, etc. ^^;

If you asked about something in a comment, I will post pictures!

Thank you for looking!

Will trade for/looking for:

MUCC – ANYTHING! (except kuchiki no tou)
Gackt – MARS
Gackt – Rebirth
Gackt – Mizerable (mini album)
Malice Mizer – Mervilles
Janne da Arc CD’s (except Arcadia, Another Story, and their many recent singles)
Tackey & Tsubasa – Yume monogatari
Kiyoshi - Kiyoshi kono yoru
Metronome CD’s
lab. cd's
Any issue of CURE magazine (pretty much any)
Inu-Yasha merchandise (official only, please! XD )

For the people who paid me, I sent your stuff. Sorry it took so long ><;;
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