shindow_kitsu (shindow_kitsu) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Gunblade for sale on EBAY! Please look! I really need this to go, selling nearly 50% off~!!!

I am auctioning off my gunblade to make room because I am moving in a few months and am also getting other things that need the space.

I have 100% feedback here: angelchansales

I'm only asking $50.00 + $25.00 shipping for this. It includes the blade, stand, sheath, and plastic cover to protect from scuffing/scratches.

It is in prestine, mint condition, never fooled around with, just displayed for a few months.

I've only had this a few months, it's official and life-size (I dont know exact measurements, probably around 40"), and I got it at OniCon in October.

(Images and Details Under the Cut)

Thanks, please comment or email me at

I prefer paypal. I might can take money order if you dont have paypal.


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