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Oki Mamiya, Yubinbasya FFVII items etc.

I visited Oki Mamiya's booth during Comiket 71 last December and bought a bunch of her stuff only to find out that I have hard copies of some of her images already. Seeing as she's going to be the guest of honor at Yaoi Con this year, I'm selling the postcards that I bought from her booth. Ask her (and Kawahara Tsubasa, author of Tokyo Night Out, Platonic Dance & Jadou) to sign them if you'll be attending Yaoi Con this year =D Also, I'm parting with FFVII doujinshi items, including some by the Yubinbasya circle & Itsuki Kaname doujinshi.

Oki Mamiya postcards for sale, brand new & fresh from Comiket 71. $3.50 for each. Buy 3 or more and it's $3 for each. Please comment with the postcard #s that you want. People who buy the entire set will get first dibs at the postcards. For the misc. items, feel free to negotiate. Also, you can request translations for the doujinshi if you buy them.
 Post Card Collection VI Post Card Collection V  Post Card Collection IV  Post Card Collection III Post Card Collection II Post Card Collection I
  cover  07  cover  cover  cover  cover
 01   08  014  020  026
 02   09  015  021  027
 03   010  016  022  028
 04   011  017  023  029
 05   012  018  024  030







Oki Mamiya's 2007 calendar bought at Comiket 71. Brand new in plastic. 

I'm still debating whether I should sell it. Please make an offer if you're interested. 14 pictures in total. Approx. 35cm by 50 cm.




FFVII doujin calendar, 7 pictures total by 6 different circles including Vif & Nightflight. Bought at Comiket 71, new in plastic.


$10 including shipping


Yubinbasya 2007-2008 school calendar from Comiket 71. Comes with its own plastic stand. New in plastic.



$14 including shipping

 Yubinbasha FFVII doujin - Last Resort. 16 pages, over-sized. Brand new condition. 1 serious story & 2 short gags.



$11 including shipping 

Itsuki Kaname 
Comiket 71 new publication. 18 pages, full color, includes characters from her 'Wagamama dakedo itoshikute' series. Brand new condition.



$13 including shipping 

 Itsuki Kaname 2006 new publication. 22 pages, blk & white sketches & manga side story from her 'Wagamama dakedo itoshikute' series. Brand new condition


 $8 including shipping


Itsuki Kaname 2001 publication. 33 pages, blk&white manga. 


$9 including shipping 







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