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I have a brand-new, sealed copy of the Sailor Moon R movie DVD up for sale!

It's in mint condition, which it should be, since I just bought it today. It's part of the Geneon Signature Series, the cheaper reprints of the original DVDs. I'd like $15 shipped for it, but feel free to make another offer.

I have another copy (yessss, I have three SMR movie DVDs, I keep seeing them every time I go to Saturday Night Matinee!) up on Ebay if anyone wants to bid. It's ending in close to two days:

I'm willing to trade this for the Sailor Moon S and/or the Sailor Moon SuperS movie DVDs. I can trade for one and purchase the other if you have both, or I can trade for just one, whichever works!

I also have some manga up for sale here:

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