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Selling Official Ba-Tsu Battle Royale II Cosplay Outfit - Great Condition!

Hello everyone!
I have been going back and forth about selling this costume. I wore it once at A-kon, and I have worn the top once or twice just out in public. The pants and shirt are of course form the sameline, but they differ in color just a TINY TINY bit. I didn't notice it at first, but it is because the pants feel like they are made of canvas, where as shirt is not. Here are the specifics:

Imported form japan
Size: M

Shirt is 26 inches from back collar to bottom of the top. From armpit to armpit the shirt measures 17 inches laying flat.

Pants are a size M in mens.
Front crotch to end of pant leg(inside): 42 inches
From top of pants to bottom(measuring on the side outside): 30 inches
max adjustment on waist: 15 inches laying flat. so roughly 30 inches.
HowThey do not stretch, BUT you can adjust them. THe farthest I was able to get these to adjust to was 15 inches laying flat on the bed. If you are a woman you may have to wear these a little higher and not let them sit on your hips. They are men's pants, so they are longer in the crotch area(haha). Ive worn them a few times, they look nice with a black top.

The only flaw to this costume is one of the rubber orange things on the pockets is a thread away from coming loose. It was like this when I bought it. >_< I never noticied it because when the pockets are closed the fraw form the orange around the band stuck to the velcro on the pockets. So you can't even tell unless you pull on it.

The bottom of the pants have pull cords on them, so you can adjust those.

Here are some links to pictures:
Pants and Shirt on Hanger
Pants and shirt Laying Flat
Shirt front/back
Shirt Tag
Pants Front/back
Pants tag
Elastic on pants damage

The amount I am asking for this outfit is $200 obo. I spent more than this just getting it from Japan(I had to pay someone to get it for me). Plus This outfit is a few years old, and just finding one in this condition will be next to impossible. I was wavering on selling this, but I want to get at least what it is worth to me in this sale.

Please e-mail me at Iwakuralain16 AT sbcglobal.net if you have any questions. Or comment.

THank you!!!


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