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Calling all kattun fans

I bring you, original photos of Kattun that needs to be sold off. Basically I am helping a friend out, to sell of her photos. So we will sell 10 to 20 pictures at a time. We have loads of pictures that need to be sold off. So come and have a look see.

KT01 KT02 KT03 KT04 KT05

KT06 KT07 KT08 KT09 KT10

KT11 KT12 KT13 KT14 KT15 KT16 KT17 KT18 KT19 KT20

Price of each photo is 2 USD minimum.
We accept bid for the photos.
So give us your best price.
There is no extra copies for the photos unless stated.
So what you see is the only copy of its kind.

For example:
Buyer A wants KT01 - 2 usd
Buyer B wants KT01 - please quote a higher price than buyer A.
whoever offers the best price gets the picture.

1. We accept Paypal:
Personal Paypal is preferred
Premier Paypal [pls add a further 5% to cover the paypal fees]

2. Concealed Cash - [not encouraged]
Please be aware that if you choose to send by concealed cash, we wont be responsible for any loss.

1.Buyer must bear the shipping cost.
2. Types of shipping:
a. Airmail
b. registered airmail
c. EMS [speedpost]

for any special shipping request additional charge may be applicable.
- bubble envelope 1 usd.

1. We will not be responsible for any loss after we ship the items.
2. We will not do trades
3. We wont do refunds or exchanges.
4. Discounts :-
If you buy more than 10 official pictures [we will give 1 unofficial picture free]
5. We wont hold for a picture more than 5 days.
6. Serious buyers only please.
7. Comments will be screened.

Order form
Please place an order at marketplace_je, thank you.

1. Name/ livejournal id:-
2. email:-
3. Picture no: [example: KT01]
4. Payment: Paypal [personal/premier] or Concealed cash
5. Shipping type:

Thank you. Happy browsing.

X-posted at marketplace_je

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