kanashimi_sales (kanashimi_sales) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Last day of sale!!

Less than 24 hours until the end of my big sale! Buy up things now while they're on sale!
After Midnight (eastern time) tommorrow, everything goes back to regular price!

To encourage people to buy up my stock, I am going to have a big sale that lasts for ONE WEEK ONLY!
January 17th midnight eastern time-January 24th midnight eastern time!
I may from time to time have other sales as well if this one goes well!

1. All Manga, and anime DVD's are buy one get one 50% off!
2. Get $2 off for every $20 spent.
3. All clothing items 20% off!
4. Buy 4 VK fliers, get one free!

I have lots and lots of things on my selling journal!
Anime VHS (all for only $1 each!)
Anime DVD
Anime merchandise
Jpop/Jrock/VK items (Duel Jewel, Nana Kitade, Princess Princess, WaT, Yuki Kajiura, lots of vk fliers)
Japanese movie
Japanese music/fashion mags
Clothing from Japan (and some not)
Video Games
And much more!

Please come and see, I am sure there will be something for you!

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