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Scammer Alert!

Please remember to watch who you're dealing with here in garagesalejapan. Thanks to two helpful users on our comment post tonight, a scammer was caught before they could hook anyone. We continue to encourage people to leave comments on our comment post if they suspect anything is fishy here in the community. It's better to be safe than sorry after the fact.


That being said, this is a heads up post. Please be wary of a user selling underneath the names sora_no_kioku and pink_no_kasa (An email address can be found in this post).

When I questioned this user tonight about the pictures they were using, they deleted their post and then their journal also.

This user sells Jrock indie items, using pictures they've taken from auctions on yahoo japan. They overprice their items ($70 for something that is 1,000 yen on yahoo japan) and try to rip people off.

Please be wary and know the value of items you're looking for on the community -- Doing research always helps!

Thanks again to the users who tipped us off to this scammer!

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