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Manga for sale!

Hi! :D

I have some manga for sale but first, some rules:

1. SERIOUS buyers only!
2. Prices do not include shipping.
3. I only take USD well-concealed cash. If you really wanna do PayPal, let me know. I think there is a $0.50 fee, I will have to find out.
4. I am not responsible for lost/damaged/stolen items.
5. NO returns. I will take additional pictures for you if you want so that shouldn't be a problem.
6. NO trades unless you have Girl Got Game 6, 7, and/or 10.

Sorry for the crappy pictures. ^__^;; I didn't want to take that many pictures unless someone was interested, so if you are interested in something and want more pictures, let me know!

ADDITIONAL NOTE: I would really like to sell the mangas as a set or in consecutive order; as in, the first few or last few volumes. For example, if you don't want the whole set but want from 1 - 3 or 5 - 7 of a set, that's fine. ^__^ I don't want to break up the volumes. If you just want one volume, let me know. We can work something out. :D

FAKE 1 - 7 (The whole set)
Condition: Excellent
Price: $5 each ($35 for the whole set)

Gravitation 1 -9 (Incomplete set)
Condition: 1 -3 in excellent condition; 4 - 7 in good condition, shows signs of wear since I bought them used; 8 - 9 also in excellent condition
Price: 1 - 3, 8 - 9 at $5 each; 4 - 7 at $4 each ($41 for the whole set)

Kill Me, Kiss Me 2, 3, 3, 4
Condition: In very great to excellent condition, covers show very minor shelf wear
Price: $5 each

(short stories)
Condition: Great, never read
Price: $5

Condition: Great
Price: $5

Condition: Cover is bent
Price: $4

Thanks for looking!


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