VulgarKyo (vulgarkyo) wrote in garagesalejapan,

For Sale

i have some items for sale, prices include shipping anywhere. i accept paypal,money order, and concield cash. you may reply here or email me at (its also my msn messanger)if prices are too high please offer

if you want pics please ask me, i need to take them with my cellphone

all item are in excellant condition! most i havent even touched

Toxic Star Gloves - i bought these thru celga but they are too big for my small fingers so they are brand new, they are black with red stitching, with the toxic star logo on front (a red rabbit skull) - $30.oo

H.Naoto shirt - SZ S-M black with red cross on front, frills on the bottm and bottom of sleeves, very pretty worn lightly, 20.oo

Infection - jhorror
Through the glass - jhorror
Excel Saga complete DVD collection 1-26eps - 20.00

Kingdom Hearts 1 - $4.oo
Battle Royal 2-6 - $4.oo each

X japan art of life single, rare - $24.oo
Glay - heavy gauge album - 8.oo
Aucifer - the best album - 9.oo
Penicillin - flower circus album comes with 2 pins - 12.oo
dir en grey - the final single - 10.oo
speed - moment album - 9.oo
luna sea - mother - 10.oo -SOLD-
Nami Tamaki - greeting - 7.oo
Love for NANA cd - 7.oo

Ps1 and Ps2 games
Xenogears - 20.oo -SOLD-
YuYu Hakusho the dark tournament - 5.oo
Inuyasha secret of the cursed mask - 7.oo
i have more, just ask if your looking for a specific one!

Thank You! oh and i also do trades.

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